Titles Are Hard to Come Up With

Words barfed: 2,506 (150% of Daily Goal)

Projected Finish Date: December 1, 2012

Total words: I found a neato widget that will tell you right here —>

I’ll keep it short and sweet.

I love writing, I love that I have accomplished almost 10,000 words in 6 days, and I love discovering more about my characters.

It’s something everyone says, and even I wrote a post awhile ago about building your character. But when you are trying to excrete (let’s see how many ways I can use bodily functions synonymously for writing) as much as possible, the characters who have lived their whole lives in your subconscious take on life of their own. For me at least, Nanowrimo’s slave driving has forced me to let the characters out of their predefined boxes.

7 thoughts on “Titles Are Hard to Come Up With

  1. shadowoperator says:

    Keep at it, you’ll have a full novel before you know it. Here’s a title: how about “The Jelly Doughnut That Ate Conawisknosakie Lake”? (I made that name up, does it sound genuine?)

  2. Jennifer Vaughn says:

    When your wife begins to overhear you having conversations with your characters over coffee in the morning you know you’re on the right track!

  3. grannyK says:

    Oh I rock at original post names, as you can see by my blog. I mean, how can you top “A Post a Day Post”? Seriously!
    Keep up the great work!
    Okay, I have to ask and please don’t be mad at me. You are typing actual real words, right? I mean, you’re not just sitting and letting your fingers fly in random places to get that count up…right?

  4. Ruth Rainwater says:

    I have that word counter widget, too. Every time I look at it on my blogs, I realize how far behind I am. And there’s something about posting it for the world to see that makes me feel more accountable.

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