Laziness Strikes Again

A summary of my past two days…

Words barfed: 1,872 (56% of Daily Goal)

Total words: 5,042 (75% on Target)

Percentage of words written while I am asleep: 50%*

*This could be inaccurate. I was actually asleep when I calculated it. In fact, I am asleep as I write this.

Late Sunday night, I am torturing myself on the couch, trying to eek out enough words so that I don’t feel like a failure. I know that getting too far behind is kryptonite to Nanowrimo wannabes, so I am at least making sure I have the pace car in my sights.

But this means I am periodically doing word count checks so that I can finally let my poor, ravaged body sleep.

In the middle of writing a sentence, I stopped and checked. Exactly 1,666 words. Goodbye novel, I am going to bed.

I’m not too worried as the sentence probably sucked anyway.

7 thoughts on “Laziness Strikes Again

  1. shadowoperator says:

    Peter, Peter, Peter. You see, jelly doughnuts have been your downfall. When are you going to listen to me and convert to dark chocolate covered coffee beans as a late night snack? I guarantee you, you won’t be falling asleep, anyway, though you may be too busy in wide-eyed wonderment as you bounce off the ceiling and walls! But that would give you something to write a novel about, wouldn’t it? He!he!

  2. dlaiden says:

    I wrote absolutely nothing yesterday, and managed to write 1653 words today (during my English Language lesson, while the teacher was droning on about Latin. Yes, you read that correctly.) Only 25 days left. Hang in there kitty.

  3. Ruth Rainwater says:

    Just keep putting those words down! Doesn’t matter if you don’t make the goal every day. Doesn’t matter if the words are the right ones. Doesn’t matter if the story makes sense. December is for editing. In the meantime, keep writing!!!

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