Come Back Demon, Come Back!

Words barfed: 959 (58% of Daily Goal)

Total words: 3,170 (95% on Target)

If I wrote this much everyday, I’d finish in: 52 Days

Percentage of words written on my phone: 100%


If that last statistic gives you any insight, yesterday was not the best of writing days. Today and tomorrow we are celebrating my wife’s birthday so I can’t imagine them going much better. Hope ya’ll are faring better than I.

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5 Responses to Come Back Demon, Come Back!

  1. grannyK says:

    Barf those words, Peter, BARF THEM!!!!

  2. We all have those days when life gets in the way of writing. But the good days make up for those bad days. Just keep writing!!

  3. Julia Swancy says:

    Shall I shove a rotten tomato down your throat to help with the barfing aspect? 😉

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