You’ll Never Guess Where I’ve Been

What I need out of this post is a smooooooth entrance back into blogging, but I don’t think it’s possible.

If I had stopped for maybe a few weeks, potentially a month, I could slide back in here and most of my pretties (that’s you) wouldn’t have noticed.

But 6 months?

That’s like leaving dinner for a bathroom break and not coming back for a week.  You could explain an hour, maybe an overnighter with proper evidence, but a week is well outside the timeline of even a super dookie.

bathroom break for a week

So I won’t try to explain. I’ll just give you a quick update like you care, and we can pretend I’ve been faithfully blogging all winter.

Let’s get started.

– I am not killed. I never thought that my last post would be so ominous.

– My NaNoWriMo “experiment” turned into a full fledged book. 50,000 words ended up being more like half-way, but I think this Chris Baty guy may know what he is talking about.

– Not posting is a great way to not lose followers. It’s also a great way to not write sucky posts.

– Energy drinks are still an obsession. Sometimes I read articles highlighting how bad they are for me as I sip the sweet death-nectar; apparently “YOU ARE GOING TO DIE” isn’t very compelling.

– I am the proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy Note II. The irony is my intention was to  blog and write more with its gigantic screen and nifty pen…

Phone purchase date: 11/30/2012
Date of last blog post: 11/28/2012

Yeah that worked.

Anyways, I truly mean to blog more regularly. I’m not making any promises, but I aim for at least once a year. I had some weird momentum going with not posting.  I either had to submit a post on the 28th of the month, or wait until the next 28th day.

Well, it took 6 tries, but I’m glad to be back. Happy 28th of May.

Oh, and I am so over jelly doughnuts.

Enter, whole pies.

Whole foods raspberry peach pie
I am responsible for 50% of all Whole Foods pie consumption.

8 thoughts on “You’ll Never Guess Where I’ve Been

  1. grannyK says:

    Nice to see a post from you again! See you in 6 months…lol, teasing. I don’t post often either. My life is too boring and I have little to write about!

  2. shadowoperator says:

    I’m just glad you’re back–but thank God you won’t be expecting me to deliver that huge black bag of jelly doughnuts I had been saving for you, because due to some frustrations of my own, I had a binge eating attack and ate them all (how do you feel about strawberry-rhubarb pie?).

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