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Revenge of the Donuts: Dark Jelly

Fellow writer shadowoperator, operating a fantastic blog over here, suggested that I examine my devastation upon the donut population and put myself in a jelly donut’s skin. The exercise in donut empathy stopped almost immediately after it began as it is extremely … Continue reading

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Did I Say Monday? I Meant Next Monday

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Ode to Rockstar

There are things in life that help with the hustle Rockstar— to you I clutch Like money and ab muscles You can’t ever have too much Sometimes you aren’t around My tongue longing for your touch I scrounge along the … Continue reading

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Don’t Eat Breakfast and Lose 8% Body Fat

About 4 months ago, I stumbled across the idea of Intermittent Fasting. Specifically, the Leangains approach, as coined by Martin Berkhan. If you have not heard of it, go here and read. Don’t worry, it’s all free. I’ll give you another … Continue reading

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I’ll Eat Good… Monday

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