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Revenge of the Donuts: Dark Jelly

Fellow writer shadowoperator, operating a fantastic blog over here, suggested that I examine my devastation upon the donut population and put myself in a jelly donut’s skin. The exercise in donut empathy stopped almost immediately after it began as it is extremely … Continue reading

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Did I Say Monday? I Meant Next Monday

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Ode to Rockstar

There are things in life that help with the hustle Rockstar— to you I clutch Like money and ab muscles You can’t ever have too much Sometimes you aren’t around My tongue longing for your touch I scrounge along the … Continue reading

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I’ll Eat Good… Monday

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Raw Milk = Delicious

To the horror of the CDC and my mother, I drink unhomogenized, unpasteurized, raw milk. And I freaking love it. The disgust and even vehemence I am met with when I mention the word “raw” alongside milk is amazing. If you … Continue reading

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