10 thoughts on “Fail at Math With Style

  1. shadowoperator says:

    You’ve got a serious disease from way back, Peter–it’s known as flippancyitis. Try not to meet up with any stodgy people, or you will suffer from a nearly irresistible compulsion to make weird and funny remarks, and will be punished by silence and ers and ums for doing so!

    1. Peter Monaco says:

      That’s why I blog. I can make those remarks and then pretend everyone thinks I’m a genius. If anyone ers or ums, I strike down their comment with glee only a flippancyitis-racked body can achieve.

  2. happy holly project says:

    Couldn’t stop laughing … I majored in Math in College … and when I had to prove from A to B, I would put A at the top … work down as far as I could go … put B at the bottom … work up as far as I could go … then put “It is intuitively obvious to the casual observer” in the middle and hope for partial credit.

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